My New Lens. Astrophotography Awaits!

As you likely already know my interest in photography occupies much of my time (and depletes my small budget). I am particularly interested in astrophotography, and have always wanted a high quality, powerful telephoto lens. Well, my desires have been fulfilled as I came across a used, mint condition of the Nikon 70-300mm F4-5.6 VR (Vibration Reduction) lens. Retail it sells for nearly $600, but I found my new baby for about $325. With this lens I will be able, with extreme editing and study be able to produce images such as this


Stacked image of the Andromeda Galxy using the Nikon 70-300mm

.Doing so requires patience, study and over 400 pictures compiled together using highly specialized software. Once I get to a destination with less light pollution (planning for Kathmandu to Lhasa, on the high mountain passes), I should be able to get some amazing results. I simply can’t wait to see how my knowledge of photography translates into the medium’s most challenging arena. 

I’n the meantime, here is a photo I took in Arizona with a map depicting many different stars, constellations and Messier (deep sky) objects. Enjoy! 2013-10-16-OM3N1R

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  1. Oliver /

    Out of interest, what software do you use for such photos?

    I have the very same lens, on a D7100, and would love to try my hand at some astrophotography, although I daresay I won’t get anywhere near such amazing results!

  2. Jesse Rockwell / Post Author

    For deep sky shots use Deep Sky Stacker which is free. For wide field shots just Adobe Lightroom.

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