Nepali Thali

Thali, literally translated in Nepalese in Hindi as “plate”, is a platter of various dishes in small bowls which varies from region to region in  South Asia. The platter almost always centers on rice, dahl (lentils), and a starchy bread which is dependent upon the restaurant or region.  Other than that, the dishes can be a wide range of curries, veggies, meats, and sweet components such as yoghurt with honey.

This particular Thali was ordered on the lakeside of Pokhara, and consisted of freshly caught fish curry, dahl, curried potatoes, mango achar (fermented pickled mango… blargh), rice, sweet fresh yoghurt and papadam, which is a flat crispy bread made with gram flour and regional spices. I am continually amazed at the cheapness of amazing food here. This was a nice restaurant on the lake, and all this food was about US $3….. haha heaven!


According to my Nepali friend this was “OK” Thali. I thought it was amazing!

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