Interactive Travel Map

Just click the right arrow below to see my travel itinerary, step-by-step. Will be updated whenever my plans change.

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    1. grandad /

      Hi Jesse, I’ve been enjoying your photos and narrative but am confused about how to communicate with you. Is this a personal or public message? You have been putting in a lot of time with a video or camcorder ( I don’t know the difference). What are you using?

      Jo and I both were fascinated with the butcher shop—“filleting the tuna” etc. etc. I think those are 10 minute segments. Lots of work!

      Right now I just discovered your posts are coming to me vis RSS in my Unread Mail file…along with Krugman, Brooks and a lot of other people, Must have accidentally pushed the right switch.

      Is “Sayonara” appropriate? Grandad

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