Long exposure photography, with a programmable LED strip

Yet another new photography project, I think I have the photographical equivalent of ADD. I am very pleased with the outcome of this new (to me) technique. I bought this LED strip from Amazon, which at $15 is amazingly affordable! It changes every color of the spectrum, and is completely programmable. You can do fades, quick switches between colors, anything you can imagine. The difficulty in this technique comes with finding a suitable portable power source capable of supplying enough juice to run it (12v 6amps). Luckily I had the powertank from my telescope which met the specifications. So now you have 20+ feet of wiring, and 10+ feet of extraneous LED strip that is super bright. I put on a down jacket and stuffed all the extra wiring inside, haveing the battery come out the bottom of my jacket, and 5 feet of the LED strip out of my sleeve. Now it was just a matter of experimenting with different iterations of running around swinging it around wildly until the results looked good. There is a lot more to be done with this. It’s fun and also pretty good exercise! haha



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  1. Joban Kevin /

    Awesome! Great technique you got there! I’m no photographer but I really appreciate you the way you take shots and experimenting some new ideas like this one! :)

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