First night in Tokyo! AKA “where is my hotel!!!”

After an amazing flight on which I got  all 3 seats to myself, and slept the entire way, I arrived in Tokyo bleary eyed but full of energy. Navigating the train lines was like deciphering heiroglyphics, and at one point I thought I had made a grave mistake, and gotten on the wrong train. Thankfully, I arrived at my station, and walked out into a crisp night in a very uncrowded part of Tokyo. Next goal was to locate my hotel which was, according to my directions, directly on top of the subway station I had just emerged from. Cue me walking around the block about 6 times, trying to find it. I ended up walking into another Capsule Hotel and was told it was directly across the street. 

 Welcome to the Asakusa Riverside Capsule Hotel.


 Upon checking in I was supplied with a pair of slippers, and told to go upstairs to my capsule. I was a bit apprehensive about sleeping in something that resembled a coffin, but the capsules are actually surprisingly spacious, and at around $27 a night can’t be beat in terms of value


 The Hallway somewhat resembles a morgue, down to the pistachio green color scheme.


 After getting my things sorted I went for a short walk around the area, which is surprisingly nice, and being Japan, almost creepily clean and well kept.


 I made sure to get a Kebab from the Kebab guy that did his best to help me when I was lost. Not necessarily authentic Japanese, but delicious nonetheless.



Well I must say I am already fascinated by the alien nature of Tokyo, and am looking forward to getting to the Tsukiji Fish Market around 5 am tomorrow. For now it’s off to my capsule for a short nights sleep. 

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  1. grandad /

    Very interesting shots of life in a coffin. Do you have a place to hang your clothes? How many slots to a bathroom? How do you stand up to get dressed? Are the hallways jammed at wakeup time?

    You have kept your shutter busy.

    Love, Grandad

    1. Jesse Rockwell / Post Author

      Hey there! No place to hang clothes, I just rent a locker for my big bag. The bathroom has three stalls, and the communal showers are on the top floor in the “Onsen” or bathing room, which also has a hot tub and sauna with a beautiful view of the river. There are actually very few people staying here, and I would say 75% are foreigners. I definitely wouldn’t do it again as it is far from comfortable, but it has been a good experience. Tomorrow I am off to Kanazawa on the west coast which is famous for it’s traditional architecture and amazing food, it should be a blast!

      Glad you are enjoying all the photos!


  2. grandad /

    Thanks, Jesse:
    The coffins look like a bunk on Fairwinds. Much the same deal: no place to put your clothes, a struggle to the head….but fondly remembered.

    Life can only be softer from here on.

    Love, Grandad

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