• First night in Tokyo! AKA “where is my hotel!!!”

    After an amazing flight on which I got  all 3 seats to myself, and slept the entire way, I arrived in Tokyo bleary eyed but full of energy. Navigating the train lines was like deciphering heiroglyphics, and at one point I thought I had made a grave mistake, and gotten on the wrong train. Thankfully, I arrived at my station, and walked out into a crisp night in a very uncrowded part of Tokyo. Next goal was to locate my hotel which was, according to my directions, directly on top of the subway station I had just emerged from. Cue me walking around the block about 6 times, trying to find it. I ended up walking into another Capsule Hotel and was told it was directly across the street. 

     Welcome to the Asakusa Riverside Capsule Hotel.


     Upon checking in I was supplied with a pair of slippers, and told to go upstairs to my capsule. I was a bit apprehensive about sleeping in something that resembled a coffin, but the capsules are actually surprisingly spacious, and at around $27 a night can’t be beat in terms of value


     The Hallway somewhat resembles a morgue, down to the pistachio green color scheme.


     After getting my things sorted I went for a short walk around the area, which is surprisingly nice, and being Japan, almost creepily clean and well kept.


     I made sure to get a Kebab from the Kebab guy that did his best to help me when I was lost. Not necessarily authentic Japanese, but delicious nonetheless.



    Well I must say I am already fascinated by the alien nature of Tokyo, and am looking forward to getting to the Tsukiji Fish Market around 5 am tomorrow. For now it’s off to my capsule for a short nights sleep. 

  • Interactive Travel Map

    Just click the right arrow below to see my travel itinerary, step-by-step. Will be updated whenever my plans change.

    • Santa Barbara to Los Angeles

      The Journey commences from my hometown of Santa Barbara, California with a two hour drive south to Los Angeles. I’ll be completely honest and say that Los Angeles is one of my least favorite places on Earth, for a variety of reasons not worth exploring here. Thankfully, I only have to spend a short time in the airport before flying out to Tokyo where The Journey will truly begin!