• Koh Tarutao National Marine Park, Thailand. 4k Timelapse and Aerial Photography

    For the past ten days I have been exhaustively photographing the stunning locations within Koh Tarutao National Marine Park. The park encompasses a large archipelago in the Andaman Sea, located at the extreme southwest tip of Thailand, on the border of Malaysia. The islands within the park are virtually undeveloped, with very little infrastructure aside from a few government run bungalows, and rudimentary roads on the largest island, Koh Tarutao, from which the park takes its name. 

    At the southwest end of the park, just outside it’s border, lies the island of Koh Lipe, which is more developed than the park islands. Lipe boasts dozens of small hotels and bungalows, and remains a small secret for intrepid travelers, however this may not be true for much longer, as word is getting out about the quaint atmosphere and perfectly clear turquoise waters.

    In this video I did my best to show the beauty of the islands and give a glimpse of what is becoming so rare today: ta truly beautiful destination, largely unspoiled by modern development.

  • Nepal Earthquake Relief 2016



    Nepal is a place very close to my soul. I spent my youth there, and returned to live at the age of 16, during which time I truly learned how much it means to me. For many years my family has supported and become very close with a group of kids (now successful adults) from the area of Nubri, which was terribly affected by the Earthquake of 2015. I have made it my goal to raise funds, and contribute my own to buy clothing, tools, and household goods to transport to the remote area. In June 2016 I will be trekking to the area with a large number of porters to transport goods to the villages in and around the Gorkha district.

    The Gorkha District encompasses many small villages and settlements, and is one of the poorest and most remote in the whole Kingdom. This area has received little support and attention from the Nepali government, whose corruption has become evident and infuriating since the tragedy. This is why I feel the need to do anything I can to be of support to the people who have been so kind to my family and I, and who, without effort show how happiness is essential to the wellbeing of humanity.

    I have started a GOFUNDME donation drive to help in raising funds to purchase and transport goods to the area. Please share to your facebook or social media sites, and donate if you have the means. Thank you very much.