Kake Soba Ramen (掛け蕎麦)

After a short 4 hours sleep, and an unfruitful 5 am trip to the Tsukiji Fish Market (the tuna auction was already booked out!), I wandered the streets until I found a promising looking Ramen shop. I was definitely looking forward to trying the authentic version of what is often panned as bachelor chow in the West. Being breakfast there were only 4 choices available. 



I chose Kake Soba (掛け蕎麦), which is freshly cut soba, or buckwheat noodles, in a delicious pork broth. This particular version was topped with thin tempura vegetables, and chopped scallions. The  side dish is thin egg wrapped around vinegared rice, which was a bit sweet for my tastes, but still very good.

Needless to say this put any version of Ramen I’ve had in America to shame, and at around 3 dollars is a great bargain. 

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